Snail Peel Up Essence

Snail Peel Up Essence

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    • A non-sticky silky serum moisturizes the skin and contains 20% snail secretion filtrate to firm the skin.
    • Suitable for dull and dry skin, loose skin.
    • 10ml*5ea/injector (Pack)




    How to Use

      •  Apply a suitable amount all over the face and leave to absorb.





      Main Ingredient


      Snail secretion filtrate

      regenerating damaged skin



      Inhibits melanin from moving to the keratinocytes, helping prevent pigmentation on the skin surface. (brightening ingredient)



      Restores collagenous fiber and elastic fiber, providing firming and anti-wrinkle effects



      induces cell regeneration and provides anti-wrinkle effects (anti-wrinkle ingredient)