Stem Cell Coconut Re-balance Balm

Stem Cell Coconut Re-balance Balm

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  • The callus culture extract helps strengthen the skin barrier, while squalan and shea butter helps retain moisture in the skin for a long time for smooth and glowing skin.
  • Soothing and moisturizing after laser procedure or peeling or redness and trouble prone skin, sensitive skin.
  • 100ml


How to Use

  • Apply a suitable amount all over the face and leave to absorb.


Main Ingredient



anti-wrinkle (anti-wrinkle ingredient)

Sodium hyaluronate 

Moisturizing and moisture retention

Green tea callus culture extract 

Soothing and skin barrier strengthening

Shea butter 

Ultra-moisturizing and softening


moisturizing and moisture retention

Coconut oil 

Soothing and powerful moisturization