Timeless Green Filler

Timeless Green Filler

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  • Sebum-controlling ampoule for trouble-prone skin PDT ampoule. This ampoule contains chlorophyll-based sensitizer that reacts only to PDT blue light and control excessive sebum production in trouble-prone skin.
  • Suitable for trouble-prone skin (e.g., oily skin and acne)
  • 2 ml*10ea (Pack)


How to Use

  • Apply a suitable amount all over the face and leave to absorb.


Main Ingredient



This unicellular organism grown in fresh water is rich in nutrients such as chlorophyll, protein, vitamin, and mineral, which are helpful for soothing the skin



Chlorophyll extracted from plants, it is sensitive to temperature and, thereby, turns dark brown when exposed to the outside. It is a main ingredient of PDT light sensitizer and also used for food coloring, etc.


Natural herb extract

Various natural extracts moisturizer and nourish the skin, soothing red and irritated skin.