Wrinkle care cream

Wrinkle care cream

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  • Hydrates the eye area to prevent dry and rough skin. This anti-wrinkle eye cream contains adenosine for firming the eye areas.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • 40ml



How to Use

  1. Apply a suitable amount below the eyes, on the edges of the eye area, and eyelids.
  2. With the eyes open, spread it from the inner corner – below the eyes – and towards the edge of the eyes in the order.
  3. Massage by circling around the eyes (outer corner – eyelid – inner corner of the eyes).
  4. Pat lightly to absorb.


Main Ingredient



Anti-wrinkle ingredient with proven effects



EGF, Accelerates the growth of epithelial cells


Centella asiatica extract



Tocopheryl acetate

Protects the skin, reduces signs of aging